In the Media: Rhinos to be moved from South Africa to Botswana in anti-poaching drive

The Guardian welcomes the announcement of an anti-poaching initiative that aims to move up to 100 rhino from South Africa to the remote wilderness of Botswana. Each rhino will be tagged and microchipped for research and monitoring, while an anti-poaching team will work with Botswana’s government to monitor the animals.

In the Media: You can save these rhinos

Africa Geographic examines how the Rhinos Without Borders initiative provides everyone with an opportunity to contribute towards the conservation of rhinos, which are under threat from the increased scourge of poaching. Donations through a crowd-funding page go directly towards the Rhinos Without Borders translocation initiative, run in conjunction with top experts in rhino poaching and…


African rhinos to be airlifted to save them from extinction

Mashable explores the details of the Rhinos Without Borders initiative to airlift as many rhino as possible from high threat areas in South Africa to safe havens within Botswana. Following one of the deadliest years for rhino on record, with 14 rhino shot every week, this initiative could not come sooner. Apart from spreading the…