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Project update and future vision

The good news is that the Rhinos Without Borders project has met and exceeded our original goal to establish a substantial new wild population of rhinos in Botswana’s wilderness areas, with a current total of over 130 animals. Included in this tally are a significant number of calves: breeding is the ultimate litmus test of…


Drought puts rhino translocation on hold

The Rhinos With Borders (RWB) team have successfully translocated 87 rhino but moving the remaining 13 has been temporarily postponed due to drought in Botswana. When a natural system is stressed by environmental conditions such as this, the risk of attempting to translocate animals at this time would be irresponsible. The team are still as committed as ever, and continue to fundraise for the security and…


2018 rhino translocation overview

Rhino horn remains one of the most sought after animal products in the illegal wildlife trade. Its value is greater than gold, making rhinos high-value targets for poachers. Rhinos Without Borders (RWB) is addressing this threat by translocating rhinos from areas where they are vulnerable to poaching incidents, and releasing them into the wilderness of…